How to Plan for Organizational Change

Companies that hone their ability to evolve with their customers and new technologies will dominate the 21st century. But an organization can’t evolve unless you inspire and empower its individuals and teams to embrace change.

At NOBL, we help leaders at companies like Taco Bell and Reddit navigate change with their teams. The first step is always to prepare the conditions for the team to do something new. This video and PDF is a distillation of our Planning for Change Workshop that we conduct with clients to do just that. In this class, we'll cover:

- Workshop Materials and Agenda
- Defining the Change
- Stakeholder Mapping
- Communication Planning
- Execution Planning

You can use these tools and templates any time you're trying to implement something new with your team, whether it's a new product launch or a better way to onboard team members.

  • NOBL Planning for Change


    Bree Groff, Managing Director of NOBL NYC, explains the conversations you need to have with your teams before change can occur within your organization, and walks through the different exercises that will make your change plans successful.

  • Planning for Change Trailer

    1m 1s

    A quick intro about what you'll learn about leading your team through change.

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